Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dead Town Closing

It was a short but fun run at Dead Town for me. Full of ups and downs and a lot of lessons I will take with me for the future. The Atmosphere was beautifully dark and I cannot tell you how thankful and amazed I am by the creative and unusual shops/creators that joined up with me and Hotel Munster for this adventure. However sometimes things must come to an end...and as we know the Sim is closing. I would like to make a few comments before I close this chapter to start another:

1. It is easy to lose sight of the real story when you listen to one side. Keep an open mind and always make your own Judgments.

2. There were 32 Shops at Dead Town not including House of Munster... Most of them were hand picked to join the project/community.

3. 29 out of 32 shops were happy to be at Dead Town and expressed there sadness in seeing it go while also wishing luck for the Future.

4. I, Lolli Munster, was the sole owner of the sim, Dead Town, and thus it was my responsibility to run it with the best interests of EVERYONE in mind.

With that I would again like to thank everyone who took part and enjoyed Dead Town, House of Munster and Hotel Munster. It was a short but sweet ride! Hopefully there will be a new beginning for House of Munster soon, so don't fret yet! And with that I say...

Till next time...

Lolli Munster

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Muggle said...

It is a shame this great project had to die. Dead town was amazing and everyone loved. It was the greatest gathering of the most wicked and most talented designers!
Thank you Lolli for dead Twon and Hotel Munster...
YOU better be back very, very soon, because SL is not SL without the House of Munster!