Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Half Off Hair Sale @ House of Munster

Yes that's right! Have you heard House of Munster Hair is half off until the Sim Closing of Dead Town?! It could end today or in a few days...Either way it was a fun ride and now it's all in the hands of Linden Labs! Solid Colors are 100L from 200L, Tips are 200L from 400L, and Munster Packs are a low 500L from 1k. All hair is scripted with Texture Change and Tip Pack have even more fun color options...So come on down and Check it out!! Don't Miss this Sale... Half Off Hair Sale @ House of Munster

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dead Town Closing

It was a short but fun run at Dead Town for me. Full of ups and downs and a lot of lessons I will take with me for the future. The Atmosphere was beautifully dark and I cannot tell you how thankful and amazed I am by the creative and unusual shops/creators that joined up with me and Hotel Munster for this adventure. However sometimes things must come to an end...and as we know the Sim is closing. I would like to make a few comments before I close this chapter to start another:

1. It is easy to lose sight of the real story when you listen to one side. Keep an open mind and always make your own Judgments.

2. There were 32 Shops at Dead Town not including House of Munster... Most of them were hand picked to join the project/community.

3. 29 out of 32 shops were happy to be at Dead Town and expressed there sadness in seeing it go while also wishing luck for the Future.

4. I, Lolli Munster, was the sole owner of the sim, Dead Town, and thus it was my responsibility to run it with the best interests of EVERYONE in mind.

With that I would again like to thank everyone who took part and enjoyed Dead Town, House of Munster and Hotel Munster. It was a short but sweet ride! Hopefully there will be a new beginning for House of Munster soon, so don't fret yet! And with that I say...

Till next time...

Lolli Munster

Sunday, June 21, 2009

House of Munster @ Hair Fair 09

First Blog...and what a Blog! LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! On the Inside: House of Munster @ the Hair Fair. Below you will find 5 Hairstyles for the Strange and Unusual variety or so I like to think...Nothing you have seen already. None of the Same old.

First Up we have Axel!
A Messy faux hawk with a long rattail in the back and a TON of Texture/Color Change Options. Very Unisex.

Next in no particular order:
Ballz 2 to the Wallz, Ladies and Gents...Puppets and Dolls. Again with the "Messy", Ballz is a Shoulder Length Shag with or without the hawk (Not Pictured).

Above is Sprite...Asymmetrical Front, Spiky, Flexi Fun in the back. Unisex. 50% Donated to Locks of Love.

Vixen is Long and Choppy with a V Bang.. Simply Sexy with a twist of freak.

And Last...But Never Least....The Amazing...

NINA! Long w/ Choppy Layers and Side Bangs, Nina is Rocking With or Without the Hawk. Texture Change Skull Bow Accessories Included.

So Come on DOWN! Check it out! House of Munster, LIVE! @ the Hair Fair 2009

- Solid Packs go for 250L
- Tip Packs are 400L but have more color change options
- Munster Packs are 1k and come with the most dastardly Minion around....

Raz is only available at the Hair Fair and after July 4th will be available at HoM.

...and if that didn't blow your top....Join the House of Munster Group for a mere 50L and you shall recieve:

Now you can be cute as a button...Heavy bangs and a tied back bun...Scripted with 9 Colors o.O ooooh....Ahhhh!

and also:

Rabid is a little punky hawk...Majorly Unisex...Scripted with 9 colors and also removeable Sideburns....BLAOUGH!


Come on down to the Hotel Munster and give our evil Residents a smile and a nod...but NEVER look them in the eyes...And if you make it there in alive check out the awesome group gifts at the check in Counter from the likes of Rotten Toe, Violent Seduction, I love 13, and MORE! You Won't be Sorry...well..Maybe a little.

- and Thats all she Wrote.